NELLEKE is a Dutch singer and actress, who graduated Cum Laude at the Music Theatre department at Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam.

Nelleke grew up with her dad playing classical music as well as jazz and blues standards on his guitar.  As an eight- year-old girl,  she already tried to sing along. Mainly inspired by big acoustic singer- songwriters from the 20th century – Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen and Bonnie Raitt, NELLEKE grew into a profound relationship with performing music.

‘’They inspired me and they still do.  I take them with me when I travel and write. When I sing. I don’t think I ever considered doing anything else than making music – being in music.  They made me find my own voice and through their music I strongly felt what I wanted to do.’’

During her years at Codarts, Nelleke began writing her own music, while playing in several theatre plays. That specific combination – music and acting – will be noticed when listening to her music. Focussing on storytelling, NELLEKE moves between musical styles such as Folk, Pop, Jazz and Blues.

Always discovering music’s in-between-world.

‘’Through the process of writing and developing my own music, I want to underline musicianship while being a performer. In theatre I am mostly an actor or singer. Being able to master music in theatre and to be part of the band for example – is an experience that I always aim to have.

It is a fulfilling challenge to further investigate the borders of music and theatre. That involves playing at diverse venues – Jazz festivals, Pop venues, as well as being able to perform inside a more intimate theatre setting. I want to make music a theatrical experience by creating intimate settings where the audience is asked to really focus and listen.

After singing and acting in several plays over the last few years (‘Soldaat van Oranje’- New Productions, ‘You’re the Top’ – American Songbook Productions, ‘Als de klok van A’ – Zeelandia Theatre Company), she developed her first EP, NOAH, which was released in September 2020. 

NELLEKE pursued the chance to write and develop new music at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity during a five-week residency. Right there in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, NOAH was created. NELLEKE managed to write, develop, record and produce independently. 

A self-made eclectic EP – made on mountains in cabins, inside houses and bedrooms, through time zones and in many dreams. NOAH.