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'How Not to Fall'

'III Noah'


NELLEKE @Eva Jinek


 ”A singers’ dream: to release your own record. Nelleke went a step further and did the whole process on her own: ”From production to distribution and promotion ”


”I just kept writing. The impressive surroundings and atmosphere of the Rocky Mountains, found their way into the songs and music”


Residency @BANFF CENTRE Canada

NELLEKE pursued the chance to write and develop new music at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity during a five-week residency. Right there in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, NOAH was created. 

NOAH is a self-made eclectic EP – made on mountains in cabins, inside houses and bedrooms, through time zones and in many dreams. 

Many thanks to the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds for their generous support during this residency.